The Bat! Is A Highly Secure Email Client But Too Complex

The Bat! Email

The Bat! email client from Ritlabs has been around for years – 1998 to be precise – and is widely accepted as one of the best secure packages available. I was a registered user back when V4 was roaming the land, but for whatever reason gave up and pursued other avenues. I felt it was time to revisit.

The Bat! interface has not changed one iota over the years, but extra buttons have been created as functionality has increased and, if I am honest, it is not the most user-friendly front end. In fact, configuring The Bat! is, how can I put this nicely, a complete bastard!

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Malware Company Buys Up Top VPNs

kape securities


Online privacy has never been so important. Threats from spyware, ransomware, cybercriminals in general, hostile state players – the list goes on and on. One of the first tools to protect privacy has been agreed as a good, reliable and reputable VPN.

This has been shattered by a report from that alleges that some of the leading VPN providers have been snapped up by a company that used to distribute malware and adware.

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Nimbus Set To Replace Evernote

Nimbus Notes

Nimbus Notes cropped up on my radar when I was looking for an alternative to Evernote after a lengthy period of unhappiness with the service.  One of the key factors in my search was that whatever service I opted for had to manage with importing around 10 years of Evernote data. I was lucky to find a lifetime deal for Nimbus for around the price of an annual subscription to Evernote, so I whipped out the ever-useful plastic and a signed on the dotted line.

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Mailbird Email One Of The Best

Mailbird Email Client

Mailbird first came to my attention six or seven years ago and, until I adopted Postbox, as my de facto email client.  Even so, I still keep Mailbird on my PC to keep up with how the service is evolving as it regularly crops up in the lists of top email clients alongside Outlook, Thunderbird and others. As such, it is in good company.

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