Surfshark Frustrating But So Good

Surfshark Frustration

Surfshark VPN has to rate as one of the most frustrating services I have ever used.  I first found Surfshark last year and was so blown away with it that I purchased a three-year subscription. This was despite the fact that I had four years to run on my NordVPN subscription.   It was fast, it had the super-fast WireGuard protocol and its cleanweb ad and tracker blocker worked perfectly. But the last 12 months have been a roller coaster ride.

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Surfshark VPN Beached After Losing Its Way

Surfshark blew me away when I first came across it last year. It was fast, it was clean and offered fabulous speeds through its Wireguard protocol. It took no time for me to forget my long term provider NordVPN and to take out an extended subscription. I wrote about the Road To Damascus conversion here.  However, in recent months the service has lost its shine, and the glossy super-fast package I was wowed by has started to dim. Here are my thoughts on why.

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Cybersecurity Tips For Travellers

Cybersecurity For Travellers

Now that the world is opening up after the pandemic, it is time to brush up on your cybersecurity practices to ensure that you are safe online wherever in the world you are traveling to.  If, like me, you keep your life on your mobile devices, just losing your phone or tablet can have catastrophic after-effects on your financial, social and business life. So, before you pack your bags and try to remember where you put your passport, let us go through this cybersecurity checklist.

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UpNote Can Steal Evernote Crown


UpNote might just be one of the best note-taking and productivity tools that very few people have ever heard of.  Do a google search for “Best Note-Taking App of 2022” and you will get scores of results from respected sites such as Techradar through to obscure blogs run by dedicated tech geeks.  These reviews cover the usual suspects such as Google Keep, Evernote, Notion, etc but rarely ever mention UpNote. So, why was I looking and what criteria was I looking for?

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