Android Apps I Cannot Live Without

Android Apps

My life is on my Android mobile devices and, thankfully, most of them rely on cloud storage. So, in the event that I lose the phone, I can remotely wipe the phone and still access the data that the apps generate. Looking back at my Google Play account, it is startling at the number of apps that I have downloaded and, in some cases, paid for and rejected. But, over the years, a number of apps and services have become indispensable, and here they are.


I have been a premium member for more years than I care to remember. It is a service I have absolutely no qualms about paying for each year when the subscription is due. It is a pleasure to see how Amir and his team have grown the service from what started as a simple task manager to what it is today. Little steps, one at a time, but amounting to a great package.

Business Calendar 2

Over the years I have been a fickle individual and flitted from calendar to calendar. I have tried, Remember The Milk, ACalendar and many more but have always come back to Business Calendar. While Google Calendar on the Edge browser acts as a hub, Business Calendar on my mobile devices keeps me up to date wherever I am.

Aqua Mail

As with calendars, I have dallied with a lot of email apps and was happy to pay for the premium version of Newton. However, its up and down history and slow development by the latest owners did not give me confidence. I flirted with BlueMail and others, but have happily settled down with Aqua Mail which easily manages two Gmail accounts and another two IMAP accounts. It is so configurable you can make it your own design with a minimum of fuss.


Concern over what Google was digging into, especially shopping and financial emails, I created a Protonmail account and swift become a premium subscriber. The team buried beneath a Swiss mountain may not deliver the fastest of updates, but they place security above everything else which is how it is one of the most highly rated secure email services out there.


I scan multiple news and information sources daily but do not always have the time to read them immediately. This where Pocket scores big time. From a browser extension to a right-click “add to” function, data is swiftly transferred to Pocket allowing me to read items at my own convenience.

MX Player Pro

Although I can stream movies through Netflix, this does not work in an aluminium tube at 35000 feet. Over the years I have digitised my CD collection and store them on a 128GB SD card on my phone and tablet, allowing me to watch a film whenever there is no WiFi or I want to re-watch a video from my collection. Videos are digitised using WinX DVD Ripper Platinum.


Similarly, I have been digitising my music CD collection since Winamp was in short trousers. I cannot remember how long ago I opted for Poweramp as my de facto MP3 player but it has been a constant companion with hundreds of music files stored on a 128GB SD card. I change music CDs into MP3 files using MediaMonkey which also acts as the music app on my desktop.


Mobile internet security is high on my list of priorities. I used to be a NordVPN user but have switched to Surfshark which is more reliable regarding dropouts and low-speed degradation. Kaspersky has been my anti-virus and anti-malware service of choice

Nova Launcher

I know there are trillions of launcher apps out there, but Nova has been mine of choice for so many years I cannot imagine being without it organising my mobile devices into what Consider logical sections. Investing in the premium option was one of the best decisions I ever made.