Posteo Is Good But Not My First Choice To Replace ProtonMail


Posteo is my second choice alongside Mailfence to possibly replace ProtonMail because of issues with the Android apps outlined here.  Like Mailfence, Posteo, based in Germany, is more of a mini-office service with calendar, notes and contacts modules. The first thing that has to be said about Posteo is that it has to be one of the greenest and ethical companies operating in the tech arena.  The company is powered with electricity from Green Planet Energy, all staff are employed on full contracts and even have a subsidised vegetarian lunch menu. However, what is important is the lengths the company goes to regarding security and encryption.

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Mailfence Is My Choice To Replace ProtonMail

Mailfence LogoMailfence is currently the leading contender to replace ProtonMail as my secure and encrypted email service.  Posteo is also in the running, but Mailfence is taking the place of ProtonMail as my choice for website usernames, online services, etc. Why am I considering leaving ProtonMail, widely regarded as one of the leading secure email providers?  Let me explain.

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Mailbird And Bitwarden Ring In The Changes


Mailbird and Bitwarden are two major services that cropped up on my radar at the latter end of 2021.  To be fair, I have known about Mailbird for many years and was a regular user and championed it on my old Web2 And More blog. I transferred my fickle allegiances to Postbox until recently I discovered that it was hiccoughing on the Protonmail account.  Emails were not being sent and received emails that I found on the browser version were missing.

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CTemplar – Secure Email Protected From Prying Eyes

CTemplar Emails

CTemplar is a secure, encrypted email service that has stayed below my radar until very recently and in my first few days of testing it, stands up there with the likes of Protonmail and Tutanota.  Its first stand out plus point is that it is based in Iceland which has some of the strictest privacy laws in the world and cannot be seen by what CTemplar claims are the 14 Eyes nations. Iceland also has a no data retention policy so when you press ‘delete’ your data is deleted, unlike most countries that have data retention laws requiring at least six months before emails can be permanently deleted. When you hit “delete” it is gone for good.

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The Bat! Is A Highly Secure Email Client But Too Complex

The Bat! Email

The Bat! email client from Ritlabs has been around for years – 1998 to be precise – and is widely accepted as one of the best secure packages available. I was a registered user back when V4 was roaming the land, but for whatever reason gave up and pursued other avenues. I felt it was time to revisit.

The Bat! interface has not changed one iota over the years, but extra buttons have been created as functionality has increased and, if I am honest, it is not the most user-friendly front end. In fact, configuring The Bat! is, how can I put this nicely, a complete bastard!

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