CTemplar – Secure Email Protected From Prying Eyes

CTemplar Emails

CTemplar is a secure, encrypted email service that has stayed below my radar until very recently and in my first few days of testing it, stands up there with the likes of Protonmail and Tutanota.  Its first stand out plus point is that it is based in Iceland which has some of the strictest privacy laws in the world and cannot be seen by what CTemplar claims are the 14 Eyes nations. Iceland also has a no data retention policy so when you press ‘delete’ your data is deleted, unlike most countries that have data retention laws requiring at least six months before emails can be permanently deleted. When you hit “delete” it is gone for good.

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Malware Company Buys Up Top VPNs

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Online privacy has never been so important. Threats from spyware, ransomware, cybercriminals in general, hostile state players – the list goes on and on. One of the first tools to protect privacy has been agreed as a good, reliable and reputable VPN.

This has been shattered by a report from restoreprivacy.com that alleges that some of the leading VPN providers have been snapped up by a company that used to distribute malware and adware.

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Internet, The Cloud And Personal Empowerment

Internet Cloud

The Internet has always been a passion for me and over the past 30 years, I have helped it blossom. It’s 1995 and I am standing in a queue at Heathrow Airport waiting to go through security. I have an overnight bag with enough clothes for my three days in Brussels, plus a bag carrying my newly purchased pride and joy laptop computer. Back in the day, you had to ensure that your laptop battery was fully charged before going through security because the uniforms made you boot the machine up to show them that it was indeed a laptop computer and not a bomb that would take the aeroplane out of the sky  – and this was way before Islamic suicide bombers came on the scene.

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Surfshark Ousts Nord As My VPN Choice

surfshark logo

Surfshark has achieved something I would never have thought would happen – it has lured me away from NordVPN! I cannot remember how long I have been a NordVPN user and I still have an extended subscription for another couple of years, but once I tried Surfshark, there was no looking back. And it isn’t just about the pricing.

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Sync Encrypted Cloud Simple And Powerful


Sync is a service I discovered when for some strange reason the Personal Vault disappeared from my desktop Onedrive. Using Duckduckgo to search for secure alternatives for my sensitive, personal documents, I wanted something that would give a reasonable amount of free space for documents that did not take up much room.

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