eM Client – Powerful Enterprise Level Email


eM Client email

eM Client is a powerful, enterprise-level email client that has an additional calendar, tasks, contacts, notes and chat modules that rivals the bloatware that is Microsoft Outlook. But before I continue with the good news, let me get one downside out of the way. It is not the most attractive of interfaces and despite the choice of themes, and compared to Postbox it is pretty fugly. Now I have got that off my chest, let’s look at what is not only good about eM Client, but verging on the brilliant.

eM Client is one of the most configurable email clients out there and,  at times, the choice is slightly overwhelming.  You can run eM Client free of charge for two accounts but after that, you need to buy it at a one-off cost of £44.95. That includes one-year premium support.  For companies, a licence for 10 seats is £164.95 and is scalable upwards.

The service handles pretty much every email package you can throw at it. As a stand-alone user, if you have a Gmail account it will also show your Google Calendar in-app. If your company is on a Microsoft Exchange Server, then you have everything from Outlook in eM Client.

eM Client can handle multiple email accounts. At one stage I had nine running simultaneously and it performed perfectly.  These were a mix of MS Exchange, IMAP and Gmail.  The other strong point is that it can handle mass emails very easily.  When I was doing consultancy, I was regularly issuing newsletters to more than 500 people without any issues.  You can snooze emails to be sent at a time to suit you and link eM Client to Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, ownCloud and Nextcloud. This enables you to send a link to a large file, for example, and not clog up the email server!

Another function I have found useful is to search for all emails that have attachments in one place. Not only does tis speed up searching for that vital attachment but have forgotten who and when it was received, you can nuke all attachments and save space. This can be, however, a time-consuming task.

Productivity is further enhanced through the calendar module. With more people working from home, the use of online conferencing has rocketed. in eM Client you can link to Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet and schedule online meetings that will fire up the service.  If keeping an eye on your events is a priority, you can run an agenda bar in the same window as mail.

Below is a video overview.