Ghostvolt Encryption, Powerful And So Easy To Use


Ghostvolt, right from the start, sets out its stall on the importance of adhering to the numerous data protection legislation around the world and the heavy issues that result from not ensuring data held is not properly protected. Despite the stern warning and the first sight that Ghostvolt is complicated, it is one of the simplest data encryption services to use. If you are familiar with Windows Explorer, you can easily use Ghostvolt.

The company was started around two years ago by four individuals, two in the northeast of England and two in the USA. The service comes in two flavours. Solo is for individuals or small teams and business for larger enterprises. Actually, there is a third called Start which, to be fair, lacks so many features of the other modules, it is not worth considering. Despite being a relative newcomer, the service has racked up a stream of favourable reviews on Trustpilot.

The enterprise business version of Ghostvolt can be installed on individual PCs or the company’s server and comes with a comprehensive range of monitoring and reporting options. Using these, administrators can see all activity on encrypted files and staff who have accessed them.

I purchased a one-off lifetime subscription to Solo and once downloaded was up and running in a matter of minutes. Running the service for the first time sets up an encrypted area on the hard drive and an emergency recovery kit is established which includes a master encryption key. Lose this and you could be screwed big time.

Creating a secure filing system using enterprise-level 256-bit AES encryption is simply a matter of importing files or entire folders using the toolbar. Beware, once the files or folders are imported and encrypted, the originals are removed from your PC. Drag and drop transfer and encryption is also possible.

The downside is there is no mobile version available as is possible with Axcrypt, Folder Locker and Boxcryptor. However, an online conversation with Ghostvolt’s support team assured me that Android and IoS apps were on the timeline.

I have only been using Ghostvolt for less than a week but already is has become part of my security system along with Surfshark VPN and Kasperksy Internet Suite