Mailbird Email One Of The Best

Mailbird Email Client

Mailbird first came to my attention six or seven years ago and, until I adopted Postbox, as my de facto email client.  Even so, I still keep Mailbird on my PC to keep up with how the service is evolving as it regularly crops up in the lists of top email clients alongside Outlook, Thunderbird and others. As such, it is in good company.
As far as customisability is concerned,  Mailbird is up there with the best.  Everything from the layout of email modules, colours, font sizing, snoozing, custom sounds and account icons can all be adapted to suit your tastes.  I don’t like using a unified inbox or having emails linked in conversations, but if you do, Mailbird will handle these for you.

Naturally, Mailbird can be used with IMAP, POP3, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook etc, and setting up these non-IMAP/POP3 services is simplicity itself and once you insert user email and password, most are set up automatically.

One facility, which I suspect is unique to Mailbird, is the ability to link to third-party services and have access to a clickable link in the left-hand column.  Services include Google Contacts, Google Drive, Todoist, Evernote, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Instagram, Facebook, –  the list just goes on and on.

For personal users, pricing is extremely competitive at £20 a year. For business users, you can either pay monthly/annually for £2.63 or pay a one-off licence at just over £70. However, note that Mailbird generally offers very generous discounts almost daily. As I type this, you can get it for 75% off the list price which makes it stunning value for money.

Although I have not been in touch with the development team for some time, Mailbirders have always been extremely quick with their customer support.

Finally, if you are looking for an alternative to the bloatware monster Outlook, Mailkbird comes in as a powerful and user-friendly email client at a very affordable price.