Microsoft To Do A Shadow Of Its Wunderlist Forerunner

Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do is living proof that One Of The World’s largest software developers can take one of the best task managers and turn it into a pale shadow of its former self.  Wunderlist was one of the highest-rated to do task managers in the world. Then Microsoft bought it out and basically ruined it.  It is like taking a Ferrari and putting a 600cc toy car engine in it.
At first sight, if you had no idea of its history, To Do looks like a reasonable if minimalist to do app. All the basics are there. When creating a task you can add a due date, whether or not the task is to be repeated daily, weekly, monthly or annually, and add a reminder.

You can also mark a task as important or add it to the My Day module. To Do also has a smart lists feature for all tasks, important, planned, assigned to me and completed tasks. Each of these can be turned on or off via the settings.  You can also choose background themes which, ironically, includes the Wunderlist tower!  So far, so average.

The promitional blurb says that you can share tasks, but only if those tasks are within lists and then you have to share the entire list and all tasks within lists. If you want to run To Do as a vanilla application with no individual lists, you cannot share tasks. End of.

The Keep Productive video channel tries to out a positive polish on To Do, but in my mind, if you have used Todoist, this service is on a hiding to nothing. Indeed, the free versions of Todoist and TickTick are far superior to this Microsoft mashup. I do apprecite that apps and services are heavily personal and there are thousands of happy To Do users; I just can’t see why considering the feature rich alternatives.