Cybersecurity Protection Against Growing Threat


Cybersecurity, if you have not considered it before, should be at the top of your actions in the next day or so following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  Regardless of the ground war, Russia, along with other hostile nation-states, have been carrying out cyberattacks on national infrastructures, organisations and high profile individuals for quite some time, potentially many years.

As tensions rise between Russia and other countries, their hacking teams will be working overtime and small to medium-sized businesses could well find their way in the line of fire.

So, what to do?

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2FA Protection – The Good, The Bad & The Fugly

2FA Security

2FA or two-factor authentication to give it its extended name is an important tool in protecting your online life against hackers, scammers and purveyors of phishing attempts. As well as using your username and password to log into sites and services, 2FA introduces another step by requiring a code on a mobile device or USB device to add an extra step. Not all sites allow 2FA but most email services do and that is a good place to start. Hackers with access to your email can cause havoc. However, 2FA is not foolproof and there are a number of ways a determined hacker can bypass it.

The most common way this can occur is through a SIM-swapping attack. This is where a criminal convinces your mobile provider to give them a SIM card in your name and with your mobile number so that they get all your 2FA codes from websites. Also, most security experts advise against using a code sent to your mobile device via SMS as it is possible for the SMS to be intercepted.

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Posteo Is Good But Not My First Choice To Replace ProtonMail


Posteo is my second choice alongside Mailfence to possibly replace ProtonMail because of issues with the Android apps outlined here.  Like Mailfence, Posteo, based in Germany, is more of a mini-office service with calendar, notes and contacts modules. The first thing that has to be said about Posteo is that it has to be one of the greenest and ethical companies operating in the tech arena.  The company is powered with electricity from Green Planet Energy, all staff are employed on full contracts and even have a subsidised vegetarian lunch menu. However, what is important is the lengths the company goes to regarding security and encryption.

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Mailfence Is My Choice To Replace ProtonMail

Mailfence LogoMailfence is currently the leading contender to replace ProtonMail as my secure and encrypted email service.  Posteo is also in the running, but Mailfence is taking the place of ProtonMail as my choice for website usernames, online services, etc. Why am I considering leaving ProtonMail, widely regarded as one of the leading secure email providers?  Let me explain.

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IceDrive Ready To Shake Up Cloud Storage Market

IceDrive is part of my intention to de-Google and de-Microsoft much of my online activities. Ignoring Google Drive is simplicity itself and while I have an Office 365 account which gives me 1TB of OneDrive storage, I wanted to choose a small, independent option with a good reputation for security. I looked at a number … Read more