Postbox Email, Power And Flexibility

Postbox Email
Postbox has been my primary email client of choice for many years and nothing else has appeared to make me change my mind.  The app is a paid-for derivative of Thunderbird, but the relatively small charge for a lifetime subscription gives you plenty of bells and whistles to enhance the way that you work. Over recent years it has seamlessly handled up to nine email accounts, including Gmail and IMAP services, plus Protonmail through ProtonMail Bridge. So why a separate email client rather than web browser access? The key reason is that Popstbox enables me to manage all my email accounts in one place rather than skip from account to account via a web browser.  Also, some years ago, Gmail was down to browser users but the emails came sailing through to Postbox.

Postbox has a damned attractive email interface, but the company has brought out a paid-for range of alternative themes. The app also has a near-unique way of keeping account titles close together and then expandable when emails come in.  My other email client, eM Client lays out the accounts complete with the folder sub-structure expanded meaning when you wanted to look for new emails that had arrived, you have to scroll down to find them. That was a PITA when I ran nine email accounts.
The toolbar is very customisable and allows me to include one of the most powerful aspects of Postbox, the Quick Mail link. What this module does is allow you to configure emails to be redirected at the click of a button. Programme email addresses of the relevant services you want such as TodoistEvernoteDropbox etc, and highlight the chosen email, click the quick mail button, choose the service and that is it, safely stored away for future reading.
Postbox does have one major fault. Whereas most other email clients allow you to schedule specific times to schedule an email, Postbox will only allow you to send one when you come back online after being offline.  Seeing as how the client is online all the time, this is absolutely useless for me.
A full list of Postbox features can be found here.
At the moment there is a special offer that cuts the price of Postbox from $59 to $39, that’s a 33% discount. Bear in mind that is for a lifetime licence. I can confidently predict that once you use Postbox’s free trial offer, you will happily upgrade to the full version.