Posteo Is Good But Not My First Choice To Replace ProtonMail


Posteo is my second choice alongside Mailfence to possibly replace ProtonMail because of issues with the Android apps outlined here.  Like Mailfence, Posteo, based in Germany, is more of a mini-office service with calendar, notes and contacts modules. The first thing that has to be said about Posteo is that it has to be one of the greenest and ethical companies operating in the tech arena.  The company is powered with electricity from Green Planet Energy, all staff are employed on full contracts and even have a subsidised vegetarian lunch menu. However, what is important is the lengths the company goes to regarding security and encryption.
Posteo is one of the few companies that provides totally anonymous sign-ups.  No names or emails are required and all payments are anonymised using a payment system developed by Posteo. It does not link payment information with email accounts.

Full details about data encryption can be found on their features page.  Be prepared to sit down with a cup of coffee because it’s a long read.

Each basic Posteo account comes with 2GB of storage, but this can be upscaled according to needs and attachments of up to 50MB can be accommodated.  If, like me, you are not a fan of browser-based email, Posteo can be picked up by mobile devices and third-party email clients using IMAP and POP3. Many of these will automatically;y pick up server details once you have filled in your email address and password.

Encryption and security are at the top of the list when looking at Posteo features. Accessing your data uses encryption. (TLS with PFS for IMAP, POP3, webmail, CardDAV and CalDAV). TLS-encrypted transmission Protects emails and metadata during transmission, as long as the other email server also supports it (TLS with PFS).  Furthermore, Posteo has a TLS-sending guarantee.  This security feature protects you from sending emails to insecure systems. If you activate the TLS-sending guarantee, it will only send your email if it can be sent to the recipient over an encrypted connection. Otherwise, the email will not be sent and you will receive a notification from us.

Posteo is also one of the least expensive (I won’t use the word cheapest) subscription plans available.  The core service costs just one Euro per month with 0.25 Euro per month per gigabyte. Payment can be with Paypal, bank transfer, credit card or even cash!

There are three issues I have with Posteo.

First, there is no spam box, the service either nukes whatever is coming in without your knowledge or lets it through for you to deal with, although there is a whitelisting facility.

Second, the main site is just too busy and too stark, it needs to be softer.  I realise this is a personal choice and it certainly doesn’t detract from the high level of service the company provides.

Third,  the name Posteo doesn’t seem that professional if you are running a business using the service. It’s a minor point but from a third-party branding point of view, it doesn’t strike the right note with me.

But these are minor points. Posteo offers a solid, security-focused service that should be explored if you are concerned about your online privacy.