Trello The Kanban Path To Boost Productivity


Trello has been around for many years and it is highly regarded as a task management/project management tool. Some years back, I was doing consultancy for an organisation and tried to get members of the marketing and communications team to use Trello as it was ideal for planning and tracking projects and tasks within those projects. However, I did manage to write up a review.
Sadly, other members of the team were total Luddites and they resorted to emails as their tool of choice! So, my premium subscription to Trello lapsed and that wasn’t it until I read about the fact that the service had been updated. that I revisited it.

Trello is a Kanban-based tool where elements of a project are created under a master board and sub-elements are created on a list and card system, I have created a quick board called Gardening and created a very basic linear system with lists being To Do, Doing and Done.

Cards under each list are simple tasks such as Plant aubergines. If I start a task on the left I can drag n drop it under the Doing list and, when completed, move it to Done. At face value, Kanban boards seem very simple, but Trello has turbocharged the service with some powerful additional tools.

The first of these is called Power-Ups. Here, Trello can interlink with a large number of third party services. You can view the complete list here. For example, I have created a Power Uplink to Todoist. Every time I create a new card I now have the opportunity to link it to Todoist, As a sole user this isn’t exactly earth-shattering, but put into context as a project with multiple team members it is invaluable. As a free user, you get one Power Up per board, go premium and there are no limitations.

The second is called Butler, which is where Trello has taken the If This Then That idea of linking services so if a task is undertaken in one, it has a knock of task with another. As an example, if I link TickTick and Google Drive together, completing a task in TickTick can create a log of completed tasks in Google Drive.
As a lone user, I can get pretty much the same functionality in Todoist Boards and TickTick’s Kanban module.

It is as a part of a large organisation that you can add multiple boards with teams and each employee can be a member of multiple boards.

To summarise, Trello is a powerful and flexible tool that brings serious productivity and community benefits to organisations.